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10 Sites Developers Should Know

Over the millions of websites available, some are true tools for  web developers. In this article, I have compiled 10 extremely useful sites for web developers,           1. Mysql Format Date MySQL Format Date helps you… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tech Skills Every Remote Worker Should Know

Most remote workers don’t have an “IT Guy” or an assistant on hand, so it’s important to be sharp and self-reliant when it comes to the basics. Here’s a list to help you evaluate and hone your own skills –… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate List of The Best SEO Tools!

What are the best ways to boost your position in search engines? What keywords should you use on your web-pages? And which tools should you use to improve the quality of backlinks, link popularity and Google Pagerank? We deliver answers…. Continue Reading →

10 web development tips to make your life easier

Source: www.hackification.com 1. Use a Reset Stylesheet Different browsers are free to set default styles for font sizes, margins, and so forth. It’s a silly part of the specification but there you go. Rather than trying to eliminate these differences… Continue Reading →

10 cross browser testing resources

Getting your web design compatible across the browsers is every web designer’s challenge, Finding and fixing problems can be difficult if you’re not equipped with the right tools. Here in this post we take a brief look at 10 resources… Continue Reading →

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