Apple has always been at the leading edge of technology for so many year, software, design, branding and web design. Bold and instantly recognizable Apple style design is maintained throughout the company’s applications and Internet presence, with several strong aspects in its approach to design. Strong, flashy and crispy icons are used; uncluttered gridded typography in creative sizes of typo makes large amounts of content readable; and a cool pastel colour scheme o is used spaciously between the content. Undeniable, people working outside of Apple attempt to follow this style, and it is wonderful to see how designers have work on the style to fit their design. This post put together 12 awesome websites that inspired by Apple design. Enjoy!


1. Transmissions


Transmission is a Logbook app created with a pure Apple aesthetic of clean white text laid out in simple grids on a grey and black background.


2. Icon Dock


Icon Dock is a stock icons site inspired by Apple style products


3. Tea Round


Tea Round uses a beautiful tea theme with distinctive Apple style text and layout. Tea Round helps to set brew-related arguments by deciding whose turn it is to make next the cuppas.


4. Cocoa Dev Central


Cocoa Dev Central is a tutorial site with articles and forums for Mac OS X programming, set in simplicity of Apple style platform.


5. Checkout


Checkout is Checkout Application provider that uses crisp Apple style layouts and look & feel


6. Midnight Apps


Midnight Apps financial management app for Mac and iPhone, an accessible and attractive web design unmistakeably influenced by Apple design


Your Opinion on Apple design product


7. Billings

billings Apple style

Quoting, invoicing and time tracking application for the Pro build for Mac and iPhone with stylish Apple style design, expressed throughout the web design and the app .


8. AteBits

atebit Apple Design

AteBit is beatifully designed with Apple inspired icons, subtle shadows and text.


9. Realmac Software

socialite - apple style

Realmac Software develop products for Mac OS X users, showcased in a Apple Style sparkling, colourful and Apple themed website.


10. Warehouse


Warehouse - apple theme

Aweb-based Subversion browser influence by Apple design in its layouts, icon and graphics.


11. Tapbots

Apple Style tapbots

Utility robots for the iPod Touch and iPhone ; web design is clearly inspired by Apple with bold icon graphics and cool white.


12. Icon Designer

apple style icon design

Apple style icon designer website, awesome work of Apple inspired icons design!