While front pages are usually the part of blogs that get showcased, blog design includes a lot of other details that can add to the overall look and appearance of the blog, not to mention usability. The pages of individual blog posts provide opportunities for design and styling in a number of different areas.

In this post we’ll look at a few aspects of blog posts and showcase some design elements that are used to make the post more helpful, inviting, or attractive.



1. Design Reviver
Design Reviver

Design Reviver also includes a large lead image above the post title.


Readability is obviously important to any blog in order to build an audience and encourage repeat visits. One of the best ways to improve readability in posts is to make use of sub-headers, and to have them styled effectively.


2. UX Booth
UX Booth

UX Booth uses different colors for h3 and h4 tags, which helps to visualize the flow or outline of the post.

End of Post Area/Promotion:

At the end of posts and before the comments, many blogs are including things like buttons and links for social media voting, and calls to action that will encourage readers to subscribe.


3. Well Medicated
Well Medicated

Well Mediacated has an area for encouraging social media votes and an “about the author” section.



4. Tutorial9

Tutorial9 posts start with a lead graphic and links for social media voting/sharing.



5. Creative Tempest
Creative Tempest

Above posts on the Creative Tempest is a large lead image.



6. Viget Inspire
Viget Inspire

Viget Inspire also uses uppercase styling, and if you click through to this post you will see that their use of sub-headers and bold text helps to make the post scannable.




7. ANidea

ANidea’s appraoch is pretty unique. Each post has a lead image that appears above the right sidebar, and just below that is a list of related posts.



8. Web Design Ledger
Web Design Ledger

Above each post on Web Design Ledger is a lead image. Between the image and the post title is a comment count, date of publication and category link.



9. Reality Equation
Reality Equation

Reality Equation has a colorful theme, and the purple sub-headers fit well with the approach of the design and they look nice.



10. GoMediaZine

GoMediaZine has a dark, textured area with social media icons and links, as well as related posts and subscription options.



11. AppStorm

AppStorm uses a box that contains two simple lists for related posts and popular posts.



12. Carbon Sugar
Carbon Sugar

Carbon Sugar includes two large areas for voting and for subscribing.